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Advocacy Services

Below is a list of services provided by Special Education Advocacy of the Carolinas. If you feel you need assistance with additional matters, please feel free to contact us. 

  • Assistance during the referral process

  • Assistance regarding Eligibility for Services

  • Evaluating and Interpreting Psychoeducational Evaluations

  • Evaluating current and proposed Individual Education Programs (IEP)

  • Evaluating team meeting notes

  • Evaluating IEP goals and objectives for appropriateness

  • IEP Conference Calls

  • Emails

  • Video Conferencing

  • Analyzing Progress Monitoring Data

  • Evaluating Functional Behavior Analysis and Behavioral Intervention Plans

  • Assistance in understanding parental and child rights under IDEA

  • Assistance in preparing effective communications with school personnel

  • Evaluating appropriateness of child’s placement with regard to Least Restrictive Environment criteria

Let's Work Together

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