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Why Hire an Advocate?

The world of special education is a complex one. Special education laws and educational jargon can make the IEP table an overwhelming place. A special education advocate can help form a bridge between a school and family, level the playing field, and make the process easier. 

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An educational advocate :

  • Understands state and federal laws pertaining to special education

  • Represents the best interests of the student 

  • Suggests appropriate services, programs, accommodations/modifications to meet the individual needs of the student and provide an appropriate education

  • Helps interpret reports and evaluations

  • Prepares parents for IEP/504 meetings (and can even attend)

  • Understands the dispute process and can recommend when an attorney may be necessary

The IEP table can be a scary and intimidating place, but it doesn't have to be. With the help of an advocate, you can remove the fear and anxiety from the special education process and focus on what really matters; your child. An advocate will help ensure that your voice is heard, even when your emotions kick in, and will remain focused on the end goal of getting your child the appropriate education that they deserve. 

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